Car leasing and car loans without a down payment and mandatory hull insurance

About our calculator for an auto loan

Our business is to make every effort to provide you with a good car loan offer, regardless of your financial situation or your requirements. 

We do our best to help you, regardless of whether your credit history is excellent (in this case, we can get you some better market lending rates, for example, if you are self-employed) or you need financing for a car purchase. having a bad credit history. 

Our auto loan calculator provides a quick and easy way to see how cheap auto loans can be obtained, regardless of whether you have an excellent, good, ordinary or bad credit history. This will give you a rough idea of how much you will pay each month for the chosen period of time. This means that you can determine at what amount of payments for a new car you will feel comfortable. Or simply set the amount you want to borrow to determine the estimated monthly payments that will suit you!

Car leasing offers 

As soon as your financing is approved, you can freely choose a vehicle from any popular Latvian dealer. This means that you have a wide choice, and it gives you the freedom to find the perfect vehicle. 

We put a lot of work into our dealer checks to protect you, the customer, from any problems in the future. 

Choosing a car (or a cargo-passenger car, motorcycle, caravan, motorhome, or even a horse van) from a popular dealer means that you will probably get a good vehicle worth the money. 

Dealers themselves often offer their own financial packages, but most likely they simply work with several lenders, while we work with 18 lenders. This allows us to find the best lending offer for your particular circumstances. 

Regardless of whether you have a bad or excellent credit history (or somewhere in the middle!), We have lenders who can offer financing options that best suit your circumstances. We can also help clients who were previously denied financing from a dealer or anywhere else.

Why choose car leasing?

If you have an insufficient or bad credit history or were denied a loan elsewhere, the good news is that we can still help you. Many of our lenders specialize in helping to obtain financing for the purchase of a car for those who have a bad credit history. 

Of course, no financing for the purchase of a car is guaranteed, since everything depends on your specific circumstances, such as your age, work, income and the amount of necessary credit, as well as credit history. 

Receiving a regular basic income is what our leaders hope to see from any applicant for funding. It can come from any kind of employment. For example, we can help if you are self-employed, part-time worker, or an employee hired through an agency. 

We cannot offer to finance for buying a car without collateral, but if you have any collateral or the ability to exchange with surcharge, then you can use this opportunity to reduce the total borrowed amount (thereby reducing monthly payments). 

Even if you were denied a car loan elsewhere (for example, at a bank, car dealership, or even another car financing broker), the good news is that we work with lenders who specialize in financing car purchases with a bad credit history. , so we can still help you. 

Nevertheless, remember that you still have to repay the loans taken, and if you decide to refuse it, this will negatively affect your credit rating, and obtaining a new loan in the future will become even more difficult. 

We can finance not only the purchase of a car! We can offer to finance also for utility vehicles, motorcycles, and motorhomes.

Erik Vogt