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For housewives, the unemployed, irregular workers, students or young entrepreneurs at the beginning, the most valid choice to make the payment of the desired means is, without a doubt, the stipulation of a car loan without pay slip. However, there is no real way to apply for a loan without issuing any declaration to the chosen credit institution, but it is possible to stem the problem and ensure that it is achieved in a much less complex way: the loan without payroll, in fact, it does not certify and is not issued to those who do not have a salary, but it is indicated for those who do not have one that can be specifically guaranteed and certified .

This loan must necessarily be requested from a credit institution of your choice (requiring it, however, like a personal loan) or, even, in the dealer in which you intend to buy the car. The amount granted to us by the latter, basically, covers between 75% and 90%% of the value of the same vehicle to be purchased. Furthermore, dealers offering such advantages often make use of special agreements with external bodies or, in the case of companies with a higher income, use the internal financial system to sustain the various expenses.

It is good to remember, before going on to analyze in particular the ways in which it is possible to receive a car loan despite being without a pay slip and, consequently, of income guarantees, that these loans are valid only for cars and vehicles produced ex novo and not for second-hand vehicles for which the maximum amount that can be obtained is declared in the so-called Euro tax price lists in which the ratio between the real value of the vehicle in relation to those of the market and to the continuous is analyzed annual devaluation and for which there are additional specific loans.

Car loan without pay slip and without specific income: what other guarantees to present as an alternative?

Car loan without pay slip and without specific income: what other guarantees to present as an alternative?

To obtain a car loan without a pay slip, the alternatives that can be used as a guarantee in place of the salary or monthly salary can be many. We analyze those that are taken into consideration more often starting, for example, from the income tax return which, issued annually, indicates the amount of money paid gross, net and the deductions of all those who have a project contract, collaboration or of work performance. Typically this category concerns professionals or self-employed workers including artisans, traders, and small and medium entrepreneurs.

Moreover, the probable income with the CUD certification or the declared one is accepted, presenting the unique model with which the income of a self-employed worker is declared (in the case of employees, on the other hand, the model to be referred to will be the Model 730): only so, in addition to issuing a guarantee to allow the loan, it will be possible to choose, from the credit institution or the dealer from whom you intend to purchase the vehicle, the maximum possible real amount of which the car loan will be made to the buyer of the medium.

Not all contracting entities, however, are satisfied with the presentation of a single model: often, in fact, the companies that deal with financing the loan, be they the car dealers themselves who will sell the product to the contracting party or any financial institution reference, they even require all the documents of the last three years .

Another valid way to define and guarantee the validity of the loan applicant by ensuring that the necessary conditions for favoring the loan are regular is the monitoring on the bank or postal account of payments made that can demonstrate a continuous and profitable working activity.

In all these first three cases, the limits set depend on the monthly fee received: the maximum capital payable by the loan, in fact, is based on the amount of incoming money each month.

If, however, until now the conditions regarding the financial situation consisting of liquid monetary assets have been analyzed, it is important to remember that sometimes it is possible to present guarantees based on real estate: to issue a loan of this kind, in fact, it is necessary to hold the ownership of a real estate with a value equal to or greater than the sum that you intend to request through the car loan without a pay slip and mortgage it so that, in the event that the loan is not remedied, it is possible to sell the mortgaged real estate to obtain the requested financed capital with this stipulation.

To request and, consequently, obtain the car loan without a pay slip, if you choose to use a possible mortgage for the real estate as a guarantee, it is necessary to remember that this immovable property does not necessarily have to be conducted to the loan contractor himself, but, possibly, even to a third individual who “lends” it as a guarantee. In this case, however, it is necessary for both, both the borrower and the actual owner, our third person, to present themselves at the venue to sign the contract with the relevant financial institution or the dealer who will resell the half. In this case, the amount of money that can be received in the loan varies depending on the monetary value of the property.

Another type of guarantee that always relates to immovable property, but which does not concern the ownership of it, is given by the rent derived from a rent : regularly receiving a fixed monthly fee represents, in fact, a security of fixed entry by the contractor who apparently requests the loan and, therefore, constitutes a solid guarantee to be taken into consideration when we find ourselves having to stipulate and request a car loan without an income guarantee given by a pay slip. In this case, in fact, the amount of money that is received against a rent represents the same pay slip of the person requesting the loan and, as if it were a “normal” monthly salary, it is precisely on the monthly rent received that you calculate the maximum monthly loan amount and, more generally, the maximum payable capital.

Loan without pay slip with a guarantor for car purchase

Loan without pay slip with a guarantor for car purchase

If in the last case examined it is not necessary for those who are to pay the rent (therefore those who, in a certain sense, make sure that the loan applicant has a “pay slip”, a monthly fee) fixed as a guarantee), are present at the time of entering into the request, when it is decided to opt for another route and offer as a guarantee the holding of a current account with co-holder with a permanent employment contract, it will be necessary that this last person also signs the same car loan contract. Therefore, not a single signature is valid, since both individuals, the loan applicant and the co-holder of the current account, will be the ones directly responsible for returning the payment financed by the financial institution or the concessionaire.

It is necessary, however, to set some limits on the characteristics that the co-holder of the current account must present: they must ensure on behalf of the third individual a financial stability without which it would be impossible to stipulate the loan and must show that such individual is hired through a contract permanent employment and, as a result, receive a solid monthly income. Other guarantees could be represented by conditions similar to those listed above but regarding the co-holder: in the case of non-employment for an indefinite period, in fact, he must at least make available, as a guarantee, a real estate property to, possibly, mortgage case of necessity then following the dynamics listed above or financial availability on the current account designed to ensure an economic coverage in the event that the first contractor himself was not able to remedy his debt.

We see the presence of a third person also in the next way that we will see to leave guarantees to the financial institution in question or to the concessionaire that issues the loan for the purchase of the vehicle. This method requires the presence of a guarantor who is obliged to stipulate an additional contract as a guarantor.

When we find ourselves buying the vehicle we want, the guarantor will not only have to be present but will automatically become responsible as much as we direct purchasers of the means of returning the car loan by entering into a contract called co-obligator. He must therefore inevitably ensure that he has been hired with a fixed-term contract, that he must necessarily receive a certifiable payslip every month and, finally, he must prove his income with all the necessary documents. If, in fact, the loan of the requesting contractor is not actually remedied, the financial institution or the concessionaire of reference will have the possibility to make up and to request delivery of lost money on both subjects.

Croft car loan without a paycheck

Croft car loan without a paycheck

Now that we have discovered how to apply for a car loan without receiving a monthly paycheck, we can see in detail the proposals of the various loan companies starting from those leading in the sector. Croft, for example, offers two modes of loan to contractors without pay slips: a first opportunity is reserved for self-employed workers, a second one provides for the presence, as seen above, of an individual who acts as a guarantor to the contractor himself.

If you are determined to apply for a loan using one of these two methods, the best action to take to learn about the actual amount of the loan installment, the characteristics and limits of the car loan is to request a quote. Doing it is really very simple: once you have arrived at the company website, you will need to go to the section on personal loans, including those without a pay slip (so not the one that deals with financing for the purchase of cars) and start the procedures for budget simulation.

You will be asked for your name, surname, email, telephone number and, of course, to confirm that you have read all the documentation necessary to continue. It will be opportune to insert, subsequently, the citizenship of which we are in possession and, obligatorily the fiscal code, the marital status, the type of lease (if we are in rent or if we live with third parties that they are parents, relatives or employers) , the residential address and, finally, the various data relating to the work performed. As soon as the simulation screen opens, you will have to enter the desired amount and then all the best-recommended loan solutions will be displayed: on this occasion the actual possibility of completing this loan, its duration, the various rates will be indicated. interest rates applied and their value.

Mauney loans for cars without payroll

Mauney loans for cars without payroll

Mauney also offers special car loans to all those who are without payroll or even unemployed. In order to calculate the costs and interest due to the loan in this case, in addition to the possibility of presenting on site and talking to an employee who may even book the site visit by choosing from over 100 sales points in Italy, you will have the opportunity to start to calculate an online quote without obligation, however, by entering your personal data such as name, surname, telephone number and email address to then proceed with the more specific ones.

As we have seen before, to get a loan to buy a car it is necessary to guarantee the possibility of restoring the debt in the future, but Mauney has studied a loan tailored to those who, at the time of need of money, find themselves living in Unemployment conditions: as previously seen, in fact, even this financial institution accepts the mortgage of a property as a security deposit. Alternatively, the contractor, also by entering into a Mauney loan, will have the possibility of relying on a guarantor who, having a document capable of guaranteeing a stable and secure income, must be present at the time of stipulation, adding his signature in the specific forms.

Tillman loan without pay slip for car purchase

Tillman, another name that differs in the field of loans, includes a specific section for unemployed and housewives with some limits on repayment times and interest. Also, in this case, the guarantees accepted by the financial institution for the purpose of issuing the car loan to one of the aforementioned contracting parties are the same as in the previous cases: the signature of a guarantor or the mortgage of immovable property.

Mitchell PostePay Auto Loan without payroll: Poste Italiane’s offer

To conclude we analyze in more detail also the proposal of Poste Italiane which created a specific loan with the name Mitchell addressed to both Italians and foreigners who, even without documents of proof of income, will necessarily have to present a document between passport or residency permit.

The car loan without the presentation of the Mitchell pay slip from Poste Italiane will be seen by entering at three different times part of the total amount requested within the contractor’s PostePay account which, in addition to being already in possession of the card Postepay, must necessarily present an identity document, health card and income certificate such as the CUD.

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