Breece also offers for your mobile life. Car loan remains the best alternative from all other financial solutions. This type of loan concluded on favorable terms, may turn out to be much more profitable for you than leasing. Read on to learn more.

Do you dream about a new car?


If you do not want or can not purchase your new car for cash, Breece offers you two options: car leasing or car loan. If you are interested, we offer, for free and without obligation, a loan in the form of a flexible loan for the purchase of a car. You only have to choose the monthly installment and the loan repayment time. We will deal with the negotiation of the most drastic conditions with Swiss banks!

Car loan or leasing?

Car loan or leasing?

Not having a good opinion, a car loan can turn out to be very attractive, if not much more profitable than leasing. In addition to this financial asset, a car loan can also amaze you with such qualities as:

  • Free driving your dream vehicle with a car loan;
  • Freedom to choose your insurance: total casco or partial casco;
  • The opportunity to sell your car whenever you want;
  • No limits in overcoming kilometers;
  • No specific reservations or clauses that you would have to follow;
  • Repayment terms adapted to your individual situation and needs: you can freely choose the repayment period of your self-loan from 6 to 72 months, with the possibility of early repayment;

Application for a car loan

car loan application

In order to be able to receive an auto-redemption, deny hesitate to complete our online form. Intensive commitments of your site! Our offer proposals will remain valid and unrivaled until the first month!

Erik Vogt